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Dance Team

JJ Koerber

A True Leader

JJ Koerber is the captain of the 2011 Jimmies Cross-Country team. He has been through battles with his body and mind, but continues to run and lead his team better than most expected. Full story

Other Stories

  • K-Love Disciple

    Bridget Schuneman has taken her play to the next level and taken over the DAC

    Jamestown College has their own version of Kevin Love (K-Love). Jamestown's double-double machine plays on the blocks, in the battle zone, like Kevin Love, but does her work in the Jamestown Civic Center. 

  • EPL starting to take shape

    Teh Jimmies all-star keeper discusses the EPL from an English perspective

    It is after the festive period where games come thick and fast that the English Premier League table takes shape. This year has been no different with surprises, twists, turns and upsets. 

  • Computers less computers and dunks less dunks

    Jarann Discusses the historical timeline that Dunks and Computers share

    Computers and dunks share a common history. To the so called super jock or super nerd the historical parallel may seem strange but it's there.  The story starts in the 1970's. 

  • Class B Perplexes

    Class B polls continues to confuse high school bball fans

    The Class B basketball rankings are very interesting. The state pollsters award 13 first place votes, but the standings seem very tangled.  During this basketball season I have noticed that the pollsters leave small school basketball lovers perplexed by their voting methods. 

  • Arsenal F.C player Aaron Ramsey

    English Soccer Star linked to Whitney Houston’s Death

    Matt Balshaw shows a strange relationship between goals and deaths

    The young Arsenal F.C player Aaron Ramsey has been bizarrely linked to Whitney Houston's death by fans on a forum.

  • Greeno and Jo-Pa

    Jo-pa's death is a sad ending to a great astonishing story compared to Greeno's death

    The death of Joe Paterno is very sad, and strangely quick. Paterno's story is sad because he didn't get to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Paterno never got to see life at Penn State in true retirement.

  • Championship Weekend

    This weeks games are managers against prime time perfromers.

    Last weekend I went 3-1 in the divisional round. I hope to go 2-0 in this weekend's games.  

  • The divisional rounds

    Does anyone know what to expect in the playoffs? We believe we have the answers.

    There are only two rounds of NFL playoffs remaining but a whirlwind of question still remain. Will the packers yet again get beat by the Giants again at home? Are the Niners for real? Can Tebow's good karma keep the Broncos going?

  • James Vollmer

    A life changes in a second

    Two-sport Jimmie Athlete paralyzed

    When thinking of Track & Field, the last thing on anyone's mind is the possibility of injury. Maybe a hamstring tear here and there, or even an ankle sprain during some hurdles, but never spinal injuries. Unfortunately, that was the case on December 1, 2010.

    Tragedy encompassed the Larsen Center facility as Vollmer experienced a Pole Vaulting accident. James said he didn't know what happened.